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Kristina Olsen

New Cd 'Chemistry' Out Now via CDbaby !

"Playing music with Pete is like opening the gate to a race horse.
There is no musical style that can stump him and he seems to revel in musical challenges!"
“Some of the songs on Chemistry I have literally been working on for over twenty years. I’d work on it, bring it to my songwriting group, get feed back and put them back on blocks on the back of the songwriting car lot.
Songs each take their own time to finish, and some were done in one day and some of these took decades.”
“The title track came from reading jazz guitar great Ted Greene’s "Chord Chemistry” and working on some of the challenging progressions from the book.”
“Tango Flood came from a text saying that "dance class is cancelled” during the big floods in northern NSW and what happened that night.”

Kristina Olsen - They Paid us in Tub Time ebook
New eBook with 20 Music Tracks Out Now!

Available now from cdbaby, from Kristina, (email via this page) for $25.00 or via iTunes
For the music only, you can download the tracks as a cd/mp3 download from cdbaby

a chapter read by the author

Listen to Kristina interview (14/03/12) on ABC Victoria about the ebook
also in the 774 ABC Melbourne studio (12/09/12) & (21/09/12)

It’s here at last!  The e-book/double CD Kristina’s fans have been waiting for!
They Paid Us in Tub Time
Stories & Songs of a Songstress Troubadour
by Kristina Olsen

This modern, madcap memoir/travelogue/double CD traces the life of songwriter/troubadour Kristina Olsen through her childhood in Haight-Ashbury, California in the wild '60’s, to her touring the world as a professional musician.

Packed with laughter, sex, sadness, adventure, and misadventure, this is an intimate insight into the truth of a woman who never took the conventional path, and who’s got the gift to tell us how it really was.

Her musical calling has taken her to worldwide stages and festivals such as:
Philadelphia Folk Festival, Vancouver Folk Festival, Kerriville Festival (where she won the Songwriter Competition), Celtic Connections in Scotland, Bluesfest and Woodford Folk Festival in Australia, and has had her songs covered by Eric Bibb, Fairport Convention, Mary Coughlan, Mollie O’Brien, and Maddy Prior among others.

They Paid Us in Tub Time (a reference to an extremely strange gig and form of payment!) takes us from taste-tests of tropical bugs, to a frigid night in a sports car in a remote mountain pass, to getting her toes sucked in an outdoor tub in New Zealand.   There’s a fabulous fling in Scotland found via her infamous folding bicycle, the scary breakdown of her jeep in a remote corner of Mexico, and the tender, moving tales of her first and latest loves.

 “It was exciting for me to utilize this new, cohesive way to take my readers and listeners along on my journeys,” Olsen says. “I’ve enjoyed books with companion CDs, but I’m rarely reading a book sitting next to a sound system.  With the new e-book technology you read a chapter, then listen to the imbedded song along with the printed lyrics that compliments the chapter.  For the 'technically-challenged' it’s really simple.  Most iBook devices have a headphone slot and the capability of playing music. Failing that you can read/hear it right on your computer, anytime, anyplace.”

Twenty original Kristina Olsen songs are imbedded throughout.
Ten are brand new, nine are oldies with new arrangements, plus one from a previously released album.
Maxine Meltzer (author of Pups Speak Up) writes: “Like an enthralling concert, Kristina Olsen's e-book reveals interesting, funny, and sexy tales.  They Paid Us in Tub Time weaves together recorded performances of Kristina's beautiful songs with short stories about her adventures growing up and traveling the world.  I admire her honesty and bravery in including personal details not everyone would share publicly, and that combined with her skill with words and tunes make for a very pleasurable journey with a very good friend.”
So for those who’ve loved Kristina’s live shows and madcap stories, or are contemplating life on the road with a guitar and duffle bag full of gumption, They Paid Us in Tub Time is for you.  Don’t leave home without it!”

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She rarely sees home. touring ten months a year (see the Tourdates page for proof!
(Footage from recent McCabes concert below
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