…a new album of new songs and instrumentals is coming May 2024.

I’ve written my first ever book !
I’ve written my first ever book of humorous travel stories and early
music experiences in Haight-Asbury. Each chapter has a song
imbedded in the ebook that pertains to the story.
There’s laughter! Some sex!! Tender moments!!
Even burnt underwear!!!
Available now from cdbaby, from Kristina or via iTunes
– For the music only, you can download the tracks as a cd/mp3 download from cdbaby
Love, Kristina x

Listen to Kristina interview (14/03/12) on ABC Victoria about the ebook
also in the 774 ABC Melbourne studio (12/09/12) & (21/09/12)

Any Messages/Comments to Kristina
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Hello Kristina – we really enjoyed your set at Music on the Marr (Please
dance) and I was so happy to get Tub Time – our downloads here in the
wild west of Cumbria are so slow I was feared to try the download.
Anyway, I transferred it to a format to work in the car and it saved our
sanity on a very long drive down to the South Coast.
Thanks for a great audio book and for the sanity saving!!
Mary K from West Cumbria

Thanks for your usual entertaining show last Friday 12 Nov. near Byron Bay, where you and several other local poets, singers & musos donated talents in support of the important work being done by ‘WellWishers‘ in funding the construction of water wells in Ethiopia. Entertainers such as yourself don’t always get enough recognition of the selfless work you often do in support of humanitarian causes and social justice in the world. So thanks again for that. Oh, and our friends are still wetting themselves over your Greek/Italian joke about sex! You’re a special lady with special talents. Now that you’re back ‘home’ in Australia, we hope to see more of you.
Cheers, Ross Allan (‘WellWishers‘)

Thanks for a great show at Carlisle last night. Proud to be the first to own a KO Memory Stick. Have a super tour. Hope you’ll come back soon. Steve & Jen

Kristina my wife and I have waited so long for Peter and yourself to return to these shores after such a long absence. We finally caught up with you both at Shrewsbury where you were wonderful as ever and no doubt made many new fans. The songs are wonderful and the music sublime. Please can you both visit again soon.
Love, Steve and Chris x

Yes, we too, us three friends, were blown away by your performance at Shrewsbury. Peter Grayling is goooorgeous also!! Thank you so much…Ruth

We live in Shrewsbury and we’ve just spent the weekend at the Folk Festival there. Kristina was the highlight of the whole weekend for us. So thank you Kristina for your wonderful concerts. I’m amazed that we hadn’t heard of Kristina Olsen or Peter Grayling before the festival, but we certainly have now. We ran out of money at the weekend and couldn’t buy any CDs, but we’ll be sorting that out soon and making sure that we have some Kristina Olsen music in our collection. Thanks again!
Sheila and Jack, Shrewsbury

Hi Kristina,
I’ve just returned home from Shrewsbury Folk Festival and wanted to say thank you for the two wonderful sets I saw you play. Your openness was lovely and your witty/bawdy tunes had me in tucks. Having said that, the haunting melodies of other songs blew me away… Such pathos. Thank you
( and Peter Grayling , of course) such wonderful musicianship.
Good luck on your UK/ Germany tour.
Best wishes, Greg (P.S. Go easy on the good Doctor!)

Dear Kristina, Thank you for your company and tango on saturday night
love, Trevor xx

Hi Kristina,
Just to say we are so excited that you are coming over to the UK this year. I think the last time we saw you as a family was at the acoustic Tearoom in Kirkby Stephen. My 19year old son now at uni, sent me an email to let me know last night.
Wishing you safe travels in Oz til we see you.
Love from the Grubb family

Dear Kristina, We really enjoyed last night’s music at the Cat & Fiddle – there were some magical moments with Mick and Nick..thank you for a great night..

Hi Kristina, i saw you last nite @ The Bald Faced Stag, you were fantastic!
– Gr8 tunes. Anna

Wintersong 1 was brilliant and your lessons amusing, joyous and inspiring
thanks !! – Clare

Kristina, Many thanks for making Winter Song in Katoomba very special this year. Your tips for finding that song in all of us (and introducing me to the unexpected joys of dancing) made this year wonderful. Thanks for your generousity with sharing your songs – hope the round-the-fire rendition of “If I stayed” – complete with a band of beginner ukeleles – wasn’t too painful. Your concert was a highlight. Thanks again! – Janet

Hi Kristina,
Just a quick email to say thanks again for a lovely eveningat the Albert Yacht Club – you are a firm inspiration for me to keep plucking those guitar strings and start getting out there and singing 🙂 I really can’t wait to put your new album in the CD player
I dare say it will not leave it for some time and be on very high rotation around here.
Catch you at another gig soon, All the best, Luke

Hi Kristina, thanks for all the inspiration you have given me at your gigs in Oz
Cheers. Nina

Your new CD – Awesome! I love it.
I laughed out loud at ‘Mr Right Now’ and ‘Something Tells Me’ – cried at ‘I had never been out of the Ghetto’ and ‘Thats a secret I’ll Keep’. Saw you at Woodford in the Blues with Jussie. I loved it. Wendy

Hi Kristina, have alway loved your music. Truth of a Woman is still my favourite after so many years! – Amy

Happy New Year Kristina,
You stole my heart, could I have it back if it’s not covered in Woodford dust!
You are the best lots of undying love, Blair

Just got home from Jersey Arts Centre and watched Heart Hill on the excellent DVD – I had completely forgotten the concertina being your instrument in it. It kinda made up for you being unable to do it tonight. Not that there was otherwise much to make up for; thank you so much for coming to Jersey – it was wonderful to see and hear you play live (and your song at the piano made me cry). Don’t leave it another ten years because we need you!
Sue xxx

Hi Kristina I loved your recent performance at Islington folk club. I was so transfixed I was lost for words. Good, because I’m a useless talker. I have been recommending your artistry to all who will listen, and I hope that Islington do the right thing, and book you for another appearance soon. To see you doing it from six feet away was the highlight of my year, it’ll take a lot to improve on it. Thank you for entertaining us so mightily Yours irrepressibly’Mark

Just sitting here listening to the live recording we purchased when you were last in Carlisle Wondering if you ever visit Dorset in the South where we now live? Noticed your tour dates only stretch to mid August?? You must be on hols! Have a great break Kristina! Steve Bunn

Came to both shows at the Starting Over Coffehouse in Tupelo, MS a few years ago. Two of the best shows I have ever seen and I have seen them all. Come back to the Southeastern area soon.

Greetings…Wendell and I just got home from attending the swing work shop in Sorrento, BC. It was a joy to be in your dance class and get to know you. I just read your wonderful reviews from your fans and someone needs to mention what a great and fun dance instructor you are… just another of your many talents.
Thanks for dancing with us! Pam

HI beautiful Kristina -It was so FANTASTIC to be with you again in Sorrento this past summer. You are such an inspiration in every way. Thank you for the gift of your gorgeous new song “New Love”. I will sing it and think of you each time I do. I hope you have a great season of touring around the world. You so deserve every happiness that might come your way! Love Karin

Hi Kristina, having previously seen you on a solo tour of Scotland last year, it was wonderful to see you in all your rightful glory (on a big stage, with Peter and not having to wear 3 jumpers just to keep warm!) in Canberra at the National Folk Festival in April. I loved seeing the variety and joy you obviously get from performing with Peter…and I want to master that ‘look’ he gives you when you are being naughty!!! Back in cold Scotland now, keep happy, Love Sara

Hi Kristina! I met you with Bob and Annette at the Clarendon (the birthday girl!) Glad to see you’re on myspace…just wanted to say hi, and thanks again for your great gig and beautiful music! Kate

Hi Kristina, Just wanted to say that it was great meeting you at Hepburn Springs a few weeks ago. Loving your CD, safe travels and bye for now. Tania

Hi Kristina, After seeing you at Bulli Heritage hotel recently supporting Eric Bibb a question suddently popped into my head. How come Kristina doesnt play an Olsen guitar? I mean it would be right up your street, especially as it has a “Big O” smack dab in the middle of the headstock!!!!!!! Sorry, I just had to get that one in. Keep up the great work Kristina, see ya around the traps soon. Regards, Oilcanpete

Hi Kristina, Just a quick note to say how much my wife Luise, our friend Lucy and I enjoyed your show with Eric Bibb in Adelaide, South Australia last week. You have certainly found some new fans! Keep up the great work and we look forward to your next visit
Regards, Peter Paterson

Hi Kristina, My cousin, Wendy, and I saw you at Tilleys that evening. It was the first time Wendy had seen you and enjoyed your show. Thanks for the positive comment about tango in Canberra.
I’m looking forward to seeing you at the National Folk Festival in Canberra over Easter.

Hi Kristina, I’ve just returned from your gig at the West End Centre, Aldershot (the ‘tall’ Pilates instructor in black) where you & Peter G. finished with Prairie Lullaby. Are you planning to include that on a future CD? I hope so. Ditto downloadable sheet music. Glad you got your concertina back. Best wishes for your tour and many thanks for a really entertaining & satisfying evening. See you next time.
Jan Lunsford

Kristina the first and last time I saw you perform was at Croperdy Festival – may have been 1997 I think. You were amazing, I have never stopped listening to your music, your lyrics touch my soul and sing my own memories and thoughts with them. Hopefully one day ill get to see you again.

Kristina – thanks so much again for doing the Midnight Sun Song Camp –
You are a tremendous teacher, writer and performer. CD Baby is mailing me your cds as we speak. How I Love this Tango is the flat out sexiest song I’ve ever heard
– hope my wife agrees….. 🙂
Love, Scott

Hi Kristina,
I attended one of your great singer/songwriter workshops about eight years ago and have run into you at gigs a few times since then.
You’re a real inspiration! – Jacquie

Hi Kristina,
Thanks for your great concerts at the Canterbury Folk Festival, you made me laugh so damn hard! – and your songs and guitar work weren’t bad either!!!! Seriously, you put on a terrific show and special thanks for showing an interest in a novice jazz guitarist, I so thoroughly enjoyed jamming away with you at that late hour even tho we kept Graham and who knows who else awake!! All the best with ‘Blue Bossa’ and maybe one day you could do that lovely ‘Ghost of a Chance’.
Look forward to catching up with you again, maybe in NZ, maybe somewhere else, after I get this BMus under my belt. From one gat girl to another, keep your toes tapping, Love, Gail (Quayle)

Dear Kristina,
Just to let you know that a group of us who attended the songwriter’s workshop at this year’s PFFF have formed a writer’s group. we all found the workshop and especially the Monday concert the most amazingly empowering experience. Six of us met in East Melbourne last Mon. night and the wonderful vibe of Port fairy continued as we shared some red wine, eats and our amazing variety of current writings. People were so respectful, gentle and constructive in their sharing. Steven Taberner was hoping to attend also to help us get going but was otherwise committed. Thank you for your music, inspiration and support of us at Port Fairy. If you’re ever in Melbourne we would be so privledged to have you come to our gathering. Fondly, Josie Dempsey

Dear Kristina, Thanks for the wonderful music you & Peter performed at the Blue Mountains Festival. I thought you might like a photo of you & Amy (age 6) who gave you the handwritten note at the festival. Amy loved your music (the note was entirely her idea) and she really enjoyed meeting you. So thank you for taking the time to receive her gift so gratefully.

Having first heard you in the 90’s at the Harbourside Brassiere in Sydney and the Bridge hotel at Balmain your cd’s are still on rotation at our home. By the way ‘my father’s piano’ has always been a favourite of mine but it resonated more deeply hearing you sing it, still with such sincere emotion, since I lost my father to cancer in April 2005. You are an inspiration – your consummate ability as a songwriter, musician and singer is exceeded only by the generosity, warmth and vulnerability you display both on & off the stage. As a performer you do not rest on your laurels nor do you take the audience for granted.
Blessings upon you from Norman, Susan & Amy – Kirrawee, NSW.

Hey Kristina, You never came to visit us in Woodford! Guess you never got the chance..
Thanx so much for devoting “The Yellow Piper” to me at Woody. That was awesome.
enjoyed that very much and was very comfortable lying at the front 🙂
You know i love you and always try to get to see you. I ve moved to Germany couple of weeks ago.. so you gotta come to Germany now.. Munster or Berlin. Wherever really i’d always come to see you!
I’ll be at Woody next year so you better be there too! – love Maya

Dear Kristina, I just had a significant birthday and received your new DVD with Peter Grayling…..and I love it.
I have seen you both perform many times and still love the stories and the tunes.
I have just had a baby so will not be able to go to Woodford this year…..but can console myself with the DVD instead.
All the best for the New Year….Therese, NSW Central Coast.
PS. How come you have never done a concert here?

Hi Kristina, a present under the christmas tree made me think of you and the song re teaching your fish to walk. My husband has taught the fish “Breakfast” and “Lunch” to shop, when I asked how come there is a present from them to me under the tree.
Thought you may get a laugh, I did.
Looking forward to seeing you back in Australia in 2006.
Regards, Kate

Hi Kristina,
I hope you are by now enjoying a well earned rest (do you know the meaning of the word?!) in Thailand. I had the pleasure of hearing you on your recent tour of Scotland, both in Glenfarg and Balerno. And apart from both gigs being great, I want to award you the ‘most clothes worn playing a steel guitar’ award for performing wonderfully in a quaint but frozen community hall in -5C!
…thanks again and hope to catch you in Perth in March.
Love – Sara x

Dear Kristina,
It was a great privilege for me to have the opportunity to compere your performance at the Balerno Folk Club last night. I thought you were just fantastic! Great music and terrific stories in between. If any booking agents for Folk Clubs read this I hope they’ll have the good sense to book you rightaway. Hope you have a great tour in Scotland and that we’ll see you back here soon. Best wishes for 2006 and beyond!
Love, Charlie

Hi, Kristina,
Just wanted to say “Hi”. The website looks great.
I think it’s so cool that you have all the sheetmusic for your songs online.
Hope to catch up with you, if you ever make it back to Venice.
Nancy Felixson

Hi there Kristina,
Seen you many times in OZ. Love your work! You mentioned a collection site for old guitar strings? I’m interested in that contact if you can help. Thanks for any assistance and enjoy your upcoming visit to these shores.
Andrew Browne

Hey Kristina,
Just come back from Bridgenorth FF and thought you were awesome,
so i had to let u know.
Thanks, Chloe

Hello Kristina,
I have just returned from Bridgenorth Folk Fest. I went to the Fest. to see you, you were wonderful, It was a great Fest. and you looked as if you enjoyed it as much as everyone else did.
Hoping to see you again soon. Kind regards, Carole Wynne-Jones

Hi Kristina,
Just got back from Bridgnorth FF and thought your performances were fantastic.
I also thought the slide guitar workshop that you took was the best workshop at a folk festival I have ever been to, can you remind me the name of the slide piece you taught us so I can get the tab off the net, somewhere.
Thanks, Rob

I just heard your song “I’ll Cry You a Waterfall” on the Folk Alley web stream. Fabulous. So I went straight away and found your website. And I found the sheet music for the song and I could pull out my guitar and play along. So, now I’ll HAVE to get one of your CDs. I must have been in a coma to have only just heard about you. I love Folk Alley for that. I can’t listen to regular radio as the commercials knock me to the floor. Thanks for your generousity of putting some of the sheet music on the web. I’m just learing, but when I get the CD, that will really help me to see and hear it at the same time. I should check and see if we should send you money for the sheet music. (Note – all Sheetmusic downloads from this site are free) I’ll go back and check out the rest of your site. Keep singing and stay strong. Maybe I can get our folk community to bring you here. I’ll pass your name around.
Tricia – Portland USA

Hi Kristina – I have not been able to take ‘In Your Darkened Room’ out of my CD player since mixing for you at the Folk Centre in Adelaide, South Australia. Can’t wait for you to come and play in Adelaide again, absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cheers, Nick.

Hey Kristina!
Please come to Canada. No, wait….come to Atlantic Canada.
To be more specific, please come to Nova Scotia! There’s a great little place in the Annapolis Valley that would love to have you, and maybe a festival or two….
Love your music!
Jeffrey and Sharon

Hi Kristina – Hope you enjoyed your stay in NZ,
You are still sounding so cool
Regards, Helen

Reply – The Mary Coughlan gigs have been going great and we’ve been having a great time hanging out together!
Love, Kristina

Hi Kristina, I have only seen you perform once & that was at the Gympie Country Music Muster in 2003 – (I don’t go for the country music, but to see artists like you!). I was totally impressed with your performance & I know it wasn’t the wine I was consuming at the Wine bar where you played – The best act all weekend. Peter Grayling is also amazing & the two of you together is something else. Being a born & bred ‘Gympieite’ & someone that goes to the Muster every year I can honestly say I have pounded all of my friends with your DUET CD whenever they are at my home! My favourite songs are My Fathers Piano & Heart Hill (Cry every time!). Of course my daughter who is now 13 loves to show the older crew that ‘The Three Bears’ can still be popular no matter how old you are. Hope to see you at the good ole Muster again sometime soon – And bring Peter…
Cheers, Leigh

Dear Kristina
Thank you very much for the concert you and Peter gave at the Lions Den Cafe in Denmark tonight, I have seen you many times at venues such as Bridgetown Blues and Fairbridge – tonight was the best
Thanks again – Andy Ducker

Hi Kristina,
Gee, you get a lot of rave email – and all penned by other people!
I finally caught up with your “CD of depressing songs” – Really enjoy it.
Something to wind down to on these hot humid nights in the rainforest, cooled lately by the onset of the wet.
Thank God for the cooling swimming holes up nearby Stoney Creek – gone off swimming in the river below the house for the moment after a croc attack a bit downstream recently!
Good to catch up and have a beer (especially using gender appropriate glasses!) at Yungaburra, Best wishes for ’05 – Simon Bridge

Hi Kristina,
Thanks for being at Campaspe Downs, You were just beautiful as usual.
The dressing gown and towel appearance will be talked about for a long time!
I just couldn’t believe it, Sensational.
much love, Fred

I would like to say thank you Kristina for a great night…have had your music for six years now and it was very special to be able to hear you live…I hope to see you in the area again…You made a young man very happy…Candelo, Australia…will not be the same… John

Thank you so much for a wonderful, entertaining, enjoyable and gutsy evening in Candelo Town Hall last night. you are “the entertainer” I feel privileged to have seen and heard you. I shall try to make it to your January 2005 workshop at Lennox Head. May rainbows light your way – Lynette

Please Kristina,
When are you coming to Tasmania again, WE MISS YOU!
If you come try to make it to the North of the state this time.
Thanks, Deb Cameron

Hi Kristina,
Great to see/hear you again the other evening at Maleny..We’ll see if we can get down Lennox Head way in Jan (but might be picking mangoes!!)
Regards, Peter

Dear Kristina,
Anje here from Rosa Canina – gotta tell you how much we loved your show last night, and that we’re spewin’ we didn’t get to have a sing with you!! We ended up staying for the whole show, deciding that driving back to Brisbane could wait after all – It was absolutely mesmerising, funny and wonderful in every way, we couldn’t have left if we wanted to and it was such a buzz to be part of the show
Can’t wait to see you again….all the best with trooping around the countryside
big hugs Anje (and Leah & Alison too)

Hey! Ive just come back from Brampton live music festival and you definitely were the star of the whole weekend. thank you very much. I’ve been to see you 6 times now and I’m totally inspired by your music.
I hope to hear from you soon. love, Emily Patterson xxxx

Hi Kristina, we must play cards again sometime.
See you in Driffield on the 27th if not before.
Hope you both had a good trip over.
Pete x

Hi Kristina, I was down at Fairbridge Festival two weeks ago, performing with my band ‘Toby and Code Red’ and my harmonica player insisted that I go and see you play, I saw your Sat avo gig and your Sat night gig, and was totally blown away with both your sets. You are an inspiration woman – your lyrics are incredible, and your guitar playing really hit me – It’s great to see women out there doing their thing, there’s not many of us around!! – I went straight back to my guitar and started writing, you really motivated me to do so!
So i just wanted to say a huge thankyou for the wonderful entertainment,
and for making me think, and cry and laugh so hard my stomach hurt!
Take care, and thanks again.
Love Toby

Dear Kristina,
Loved your tango at the National, my group of friends were really annoyed that we didn’t get to see you perform at the National,
we just saw the end of your set at the Troubadour, but not enough for us!
The Girls

Hi Kristina,
I finally got to see you in Wollongong (6/4/04) and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to see you perform and to talk to you. Your music is an inspiration to me as a fellow musician (I’m the violinist), and I just love your latest CD.
Thank you for beautiful, moving music! I really look forward to seeing you play again.

Hi Kristina,
We are two very loyal fans in Newcastle, New South Wales.
I’ve been looking for a visit to our lovely city on your current tour, but shock, horror – can’t find one! – Please include us if at all possible, I’m sure you’ll sell out as they are many more fans like us.
Many good wishes, Dianne and Marilyn

Hi Kristina,
I met you at your Armidale gig 18-2-04 and played blues harp.
Really enjoyed the night and would love to jam with you next time you’re on the Gold Coast.
GBH, David Ogden

Dear Kristina,
Happy New Year!
Thank you so much for your workshops at the Woodford Folk Festival. They were both entertaining and enlightening.
I’m studying to be a vocational music teacher in Australia and I write seeking your performance and songwriting notes
and permission to share them with my future music students.
Again, Thanks so much, Eloise 🙂

Note: Kristina’s Performance & Songwriting notes are now available for download
(as zipped MS Word files)
on the Sheetmusic Page

Dear Kristina,
a pleasure and honor to have met you. Sending a big hug, Fabricio

Thanks for the concert and dances last Saturday (7th Feb 04)
– I think we did well in spite of carpets, shoes, tables, chairs and the warm weather!

Dear Kristina,
Wanted to thank you for all of your kind words in support of my music at the Hawth, Crawley on the last night of your tour.
It was a privilage to be able to open for you and I enjoyed your set and your company immensely.
If there is ever an opportunity to open for you at other venues when you visit the UK again, then please let me know – I’ll get there! – Hope you got the jet home safely and will find some time to relax a little (at a leisure centre maybe!!?!) – bye for now, but stay in touch, Stuart Coupe

hi kristina – im darrell from crawley and im comin 2see u on sat the 29 at the hawth with my girlfriend
iv listened 2 your songs on my mp3 player and im really lookin forward 2 the nite thanks and ill hear and see you soon darrell byee

Hi Kristina! – Thanks for sharing your music at PSGW this summer.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the CD I picked up and would delight in seeing a concert at some point.
Hope you can make it back to the Seattle Area for a concert some day. Thanks for adding me to the mailing list. Deeg

Kristina – I’m the guy who gave you the cd’s at the Bein inn.
I really enjoyed the show.
While I was watching you I was wondering how you could be so talented and great on the guitar – I have come to the conclusion you are an old bluesman reincarnated as Kristina Olsen.
There is no other explanation for your talent!
I hope you will take this as a compliment and perhaps one day you will be able to tell me who you were in this former existance –
Blind Willie Olsen? Little Willie Olsen? Jellyroll Olsen? Blind Lemon Olsen?
Thank you for being here now with such wonderful songs and talent.
Hey will you let me know if you like Peter Blegvad. I’ll try to make Glasgow on 27th if I can

Hi Kristina, We came to see you on the Wirrall on Saturday 15 November 2003
My boyfriend Rob had raved about seeing you in the Blue Mountains in Australia at the festival.
He had played lots of your songs and reitterated many of your funny stories.
I haven’t enjoyed myself so much in a long time.
Thanks for a brilliant night and I hope we will be able to see you again.

Hi Kristina, We both really enjoyed the gig last night,
everyone worked so well together and the results were fantastic.
I just wanted to say that we loved your performance.
Every piece was beautiful and I was really impressed at your ability to mix humour with such strong, and sometimes devastating, emotions.
Obviously I don’t know you but you seem to be an incredibly strong person and it was a pleasure to have heard, seen and met you.
I hope the rest of the tour goes wonderfully and thanks for signing my cd – the inscription was lovely and very generous.

Hi Kristina, We saw you last night in Lichfield
You were wonderful, the bad pennies have turned into a million dollars ! See you in Wheaton Aston next May.
Love Steve and Chris x

Hey there! One of your many devotees from Perth WA here …. just love your music

Hi Kristina, My name is Gavin Libotte.
I first heard and saw you perform at woodford in the year it rained a lot, and you called it woodfjord!
Let me just say that i love your music and i love your show!
I think about you from time to time and i still remember things you talked about in your performing workshop.
It has proved to be very helpfull – thanks. I play in a latin jazz guitar duo called the “Urban Gypsies”
From Gavin x

Hi Kristina, Nice to see you’re coming to New England. Hope you have buried the hatchet w/ the “other K”.
Good luck w/ your visit.
Jim Isiminger

When are you coming back to see us in Stonehaven????
Tom Findlay

I had the pleasure of seeing Kristina and Peter live at the Historic Cornwall Hotel Kalgoorlie W.A in November 2002
It was without a doubt one of the best concerts I have attended it had a very personal feel to it.
I look forward to seeing her again soon. Maybe at the Broad Arrow Blues Festival.
It is also very hard to purchase any of her albums here in Kalgoorlie.
Yours Faithfully, Fiona FitzCharles.
(Fiona – For Australian CD Orders Try –
Just love your music and lyrics. Have 2 Cds and will now try to find the new ones listed. Thank you for the great music

I saw Kristina in Glasgow a while ago.
I had never heard of her b4 but a large biker type friend of mine grumpy boab suggested I go.
I really enjoyed the blend of blues, folk and humour. Kristina is a true bard (in the old sense of the word, songs, stories and humour).
the only other person I have heard play that can compare is Christy Moore (a mix of all things, like life!)
I have one request. please (I am on my knee begging now – dont take advantage of me in that position kristina!)
post the tabs for “The Big O” a brilliant, true and funny song, hee hee
Cheers, John

Hey Kristina
you gotta play at Woodford again! I always go see ya of course.. cept when i cant coz stupid work..
see ya soon, Maya

Hi Kristina
Don’t suppose you have time to read these.
By your schedule, it looks like you are incredibly busy, and I’m so glad you are doing so well.
I’ve seen you every time possible that I could in Oz, and now I’m living in Oregon.
I’d hoped I could catch you here, but unless I can get to Calif. in July, I won’t. Ever come to Portland?
Maybe I’ll catch you down under next year, at Tilleys’ or the National Folk Festival in Canberra
– if you do one of those. (I’ll be there visiting there then)
All the best.
Warmly, Debbie Cameron

Kristina, I went to your gig at Uncle Neil’s Cafe in Upwey, Melbourne last November and it was a great performance.
I really enjoyed your singing and playing several instruments.
Remember when, during the intermission, my neighbour and best friend Helen (who happens to be a good friend of George (your accordion player)
and I said hello to you and talked about him not making it to this gig? Well a month ago Helen died of a brain tumour and stroke.
It was so sad. George and I both were at the funeral. When I think of you and your music I think of Helen.
Your music has touched my life in so many ways.
Regards, Craig

Hey Kristina
Lovely to see you again in Heads Nook earlier this month (Feb 7th)
You’ll be back in LA now – seems strange! Hope the dog’s ok and the tango blossoming.
Mostly I want to let you know we danced to your ‘Tango’ last Thursday
– remember that little room above the cafe in Carlisle? – and it was just magical.
I was talking to my dance partner about it yesterday (Milonga workshop in Dumfries!)
and he said there was a ‘definite murmur of appreciation’ afterwards from the other dancers – how English!
Anyhow thanks for that, and ‘Hurry on Home’, and all the music, and the stories… it does all get better and better you know.
Hurry on back – Frances’ tango tantrums seem to have subsided for a while, and the lessons are trickling on, so there should still be plenty of dancing next time you’re here.
Jack sends love – and from me.
Take care, Kate xx

Hi Kristina!
Just a message to say how wonderful your gig was (as usual!!)
I saw you at The Coach House in Heads Nook, Cumbria on the 7th of Feb.
That was my 10th gig of yours and as usual it was amazing!
You probably won’t renember but I mentioned the recording studio that I work in in Lancaster and I thought I’d mail you a link to our Website.
If you ever need to record in this country you may be interested in checking us out!
We are based in a converted 18th Century Church in the Lancashire countryside.
If you have time you may be interested to take a peak at
Hope you are well and got back to the USA ok.
Look forward to seeing you again hopefully soon,
Love and best wishes, Rachel Rigg

I heard your music for the first time last night whilst driving home through the Scottish hills.
(Radio Scotland performance 4.2.03)
‘My Fathers Piano’ nearly made me stop and pull over for a while.
I am a father, a piano player and have a daughter.
The song communicates so much, so beautifully, I haven’t yet finished sorting out the emotions you have brought back to the surface.
I was baffled by the restraint of the audience for that song, must have been quite strange for them!
best wishes to you, Ken

I was at the Manor Club in Wallasey last night for your concert & would just like to say a big thank-you.
It was a great evening. I admired your guitar style & easy way with people.
I am a “student” in Phil’s Guitar class & I know he intends to give us an insight into playing at least one of your songs.
The whole “reckless crowd” are a good set of people, I look forward to seeing you again.
Very best wishes, Ron Thomas

Hi Kristina,
Saw you at Cygnet folk festival, you are truely talented.
Ros and I are now enjoying your CD which you signed for Daniel (he was 3 weeks old, his first CD!).
I have been to many concerts and I don’t believe I have ever seen a performer who is so able
to mesmorise an audience and hold them in the palm of their hand as you did with your most gifted hands.
I cant wait to see you again when you are next in Tasmania.
Please find attached a picture of possibly your youngest fan!
Ros and I. Watson

Kristina – Hi !!
I just checked the Blue Moon schedule and see that you will be performing there in April.
It will be so good to hear you again. I sent a note to Darcy a year or so ago about trying to get you to return.
Laurel and I have enjoyed your performances here very much and were afraid IWU wouldn’t be able to bring you back to the “wonderful” flatlands of Illinois.
If you remember, could you be sure to play “My Father’s Piano” when you come,
it is my favorite of all your songs, the darn thing brings tears to my eyes everytime I play your CD
(it’s a guy thing). Thanks a bunch! Wayne

Writing from Don, Tasmania near Forth,
Where I saw you last night – holding the audience spellbound in the small room.
You were great !
It was a privilege to hear you.
Besides the wonderfully told perceptive/honest stories, the music was great and all the time I had the feeling that here’s one hell of a woman!.
I am single 53 years old, with time on the road and now settled on this beautiful island.
Its pretty bloody good but sometimes a bit isolated – that is until you get a night, out of the blue with musicians/story tellers like you !
Keep going & thanks for sharing your talent in this little country pub.
Sharing it still thru a great CD …
Kind regards and best wishes for the rest of your Tassie/Australian tour.

Hello Kristina,
Many thanks for your songs and music and your wonderful gift in presenting them to the audience.
I have downloaded your wonderful song My Father’s Piano from your website
It is a lovely, lovely piece
Very best wishes to you; I look forward to the next opportunity when I can see you ‘in concert’
With a smiling heart and much love, Jill Loorham

G’day Kristina,
I just wanted to say how great it was to see you again at Woodford.
When I bought the program and found your name missing it was a big disappointment, so it was a special pleasure to find that you were there.
Was it really only this morning that you were at the Troubadour?
I guess I’m one of the privileged few to see a Californian rabbit.
That’s a fun place! Hope to see you there next year.
Very best wishes A face in the crowd, Mal

G’day Kristina,
Sorry I didn’t catch up with you @ Kulcha after the interview the previous Mon.
(“Folking Around” Radio Fremantle) – Stuffed up getting in to your show!
(Too late to get tickets & a large crowd – Good for you, bad for me!).
I’ll get on the mailing list & hope to catch up next time ’round. Have still to get the last CD as well.
Ooroo!, Bill Hale

I attended your concert in Adelaide,
I’m the old bloke with the white beard who you were kind enough to sign a couple of CDs for.
The CDs have been in my car player ever since I bought them. The songs are so personal that they make you feel like an old friend.
This year has not been a good one for me, but your music helps.
Thanks, Mike Brown

Gidday Kristina
Saw you at Korumburra, Victoria on 14 November 2002. Wow! You, Peter and George. We all loved you so.
(Fancy George coming to us when he had only that day got off the plane from China)
You were all such Spartans! Thank you so much, I have never felt so connected.
Bought another two CD’s and haven’t stopped listening.
When I seek “my place” in the scheme of life, you are often a part of it. Thank you so much for that.
I live near “Wilson’s Promontory” in Victoria (The Prom!) I am very lucky. Love your song!
So sorry that you will not be at Port Fairy Folk Festival in 2003, but very happy that you are happy (I hope) to be doing the UK tour.
I will look forward to you being at Port Fairy in 2004 and me being there, with some luck! Have a great time on the UK tour.
I sincerely hope that they know how fortunate they are to have you there. Can’t wait til you come back to us Kristina.
All the best for the UK tour and please be kind to yourself during it!
Kay Rodda

Dear Kristina
Tonight on Tamborine Mountain I experienced one of the most pleasurable evenings of entertainment of my life.
Your songs,your humour and overall presence are second to none.
Your are the true artist that we all aspire to be.
My sincere thanks to you for sharing this gift that you possess so wonderfully.
I said that I had heard Joni Mitchell, and now I have heard you, but your value is way out in front.
I look forward to your next visit very much.
thank you Kristina, Lee Taylor

Hello Kristina
Just wanted to say thanks for your performance tonight in Adelaide.
I felt so lucky because you sang my three favourite songs of yours –
truth of a woman, piper and whole night. So much for one very happy fan.
Cheers, Joy
“If I can’t sing, don’t want your revolution”

Hi Kristina
Heard you for the first time in Albany on Saturday and was ENTRANCED with your music.
Thank you for a wonderfully entertaining evening
– I went through the whole gamut of emotions in the (too) short time you were on stage!!
And thank you for being SO GENEROUS as to put your music on the net for us to download and enjoy again and again. All the best for the rest of your tour.
Regards, Gillian

Hi Kristina,
I met you on Fri at Kulcha and loved your show – next time I’ll book and catch both halves!
I recently saw Chris Smither there too and was equally blown away.
I rang Peter’s number today to try and pick up your live CD (I picked up Duet on Friday)
as I thought you might still be here today, having played the Blues Club last night.
I’ll track it down somehow I’m sure. You are a treat, yourself.
Love and best wishes, David.

Dear Kristina,
the magic of last night’s performance in the Albany Town Hall is still with both Michael & I
– thank you for coming back to Albany and giving us such a special night.
we hope our relentless crys for ‘more’ will bring you back to us again soon.
great to surf to your website and to be able to download sheet music of some of my favourites.
what a generous soul you are – may that generosity be returned to you 100 times over.
you’re so welcome in our town anytime – let us show you some sights next time if you’re in the mood
– it’s a truly magnificent piece of coastline.
Y Hamsa & Michael Hyder

Hi Kristina,
I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye at the Uncle Neil’s Gig, and just wanted to thank you for your kind words about my songs and performance.
You are such a gracious woman, I’d just had my 8th rejection in a row from Port Fairy Folk Festival and was feeling a bit low but working with you again made my day. I look forward to doing it again soon
take care, Michelle

Hi Kristina,
Malcolm here from The Victoria Welsh Choir.
We really appreciate audience feedback following our concerts – so I thought I’d write to give you my feedback.
We were a party of 5 guys who came to your show at Uncle Neil’s and without exception we all thought your performance was outstanding.
You must have felt very tired following your long trip, but you are clearly very professional and you put everything into your performance and sang like an angel.
We particularly liked the Piano number – and contrary to the lyrics, you play the piano beautifully!
– I bought 3 CD’s on the night including Peter’s and have been playing them ever since
– they are a real joy to listen to. Thank you for signing my 2nd copy of All over Down Under
– it was a special gift for a lady friend in Sydney and I just know she will love it.
Have a wonderful stay in Australia – I hope you leave with many, many happy memories and new friendships.
PS – are you performing in or near Sydney during this visit?
Warmest Regards, Malcolm Hamilton

Just a quick note to let you know you have made yourself another fan… I’m an L.A.-based singer-pianist of Russian origin.
Take care and keep singing, EllyK.

How about moving to Allendale – we all love you.
Ken Hooker.

Hi Kristina,
Really enjoyed the gig last night – first time I heard you I bought the album ‘Truth of a Woman’ – up till 2am listening!
Fantastic! – Look forward to your return to Scotland! Do you ever play in the Netherlands?
I have family there who would love to hear you. Hope Carlisle goes well tonight.
(we chatted a little bit at the end and you wrote down your web address for me) Take care of yourself.
Regards, Margaret McGregor.

Heard you on the radio today. We have moved to South Carolina from San Francisco.
Hope you are well. You will have tour the South sometime soon.
Linda and Mike Franke.

Dear Kristina,
Fantastic gig in the UK this October (2002)
I wish I could go to ALL the rest, but I’d lose my job! Hope to catch you before you leave for Australia.
I hope they know what talent they’re getting!
Phil Goofball xxx.

Hi Kristina.
When will you play the ‘school of arts’ again? It’s been too long.
Best wishes, Bob from Woonona.

I heard your music on a radio show today (9/11). You are very gifted. Thanks for what you do.
Love, Brayd.

Hi Kristina
I saw you at Balmain Town Hall in Sydney with Peter and George.
It was a beautiful, invigorating night. It left a smile on my face THAT big.
I am listening to ‘All Over Down Under’ right now as the rain falls outside and the Sydney winter rolls in.
Thanks for what you do, Cate Furey.

Hi Kristina,
I just wanted to let you know that I saw your concerts at Woodford and at the fringe festival in Adelaide, and you were unbelievable.
You have this amazing ability to tell these incredible stories so succinctly.

Dear Kristina
Sometimes if one is lucky, one has a moment of pure excitement and pleasure,
and your performance (Byron) with the big violin man and the mini piano man was it.
How does anyone tell anyone else what an extraordinary experience that was.

Hi Kristina,
Had a great time at the performance on wed night (Bruswick Town Hall)
I find your realness, and the way your songs express raw emotion just beautiful.
Best wishes, Leanne.

I saw you in Tucson!
I had never heard of you (sorry, but I don’t know many “folk” artists, actually)
but now I am guaranteed not to forget about You!
Your artisty, musician, humor, feminism, presence, oh my gosh.
I was just sooooooooooooooo moved (to tears)
by your songs and your performance and your anecdotes too! Very very powerful and good stuff.
AWESOME!!!! Woooheeee! Thank you for sharing it, Margot.

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